The Simplest Way to Schedule Appointments and Sell Your Products & Services

End frustrating email tag and make scheduling meetings and selling your services effortless with an all-in-one simple booking page.

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The Old Way

Overcomplicating Your Sales:
Endless back and forth emails to schedule a meeting. Then sending prospects a payment link, hoping they’ll pay on time (or chasing them to do it) and connecting everything together so nothing slips under your radar.

The BOSS Way

Share a Link, Get Paid:
Getting paid is dead simple. Send prospects a link to your BLAB page and bang! Money pours into your account while you sleep, watch a movie or work on anything else other than chasing invoices or manually tracking sales.

scheduling app

Start Getting Paid Bookings & Meetings in Minutes

Create your simple booking page and start taking meeting, paid bookings and selling digital products in less than 10 minutes.

  • Choose Your Page Name
  • Set Up Your Availability
  • List Your Products & Services
  • Connect With PayPal, Stripe and/or Square
  • Get Paid!
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Parent Coach, LMFT
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Douglas Peacock

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Iczel Katz

sync your calendar

Syncs with the calendars you're already using

BLAB syncs with, your calendar app and works around your schedule. You’ll never worry about double booking or missing a meeting again.

Connects with:

  • Google Calendar
  • Apple iCloud
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Office 365
unlimited services and products

Sell an unlimited amount of products & services
Never pay a % of sales

Simply list your products and services from your dashboard, hit save and start getting paid. Sell as much as you want, we’ll never take a cut of your sales.

Connect your Stripe, Square or Paypal account in seconds.

automatic reminders

Avoid late-shows & no-shows for good
With automatic reminders

When a client books with you, they'll get a series of notfications reminding them about the meeting with all the relevant details.

They can even cancel or reschedule right from the email, so you'll never have to worry about late shows or no shows.

Never chase down payment or invoices from clients Clients book & pay at the same time

If you charge for your time, your clients can book a meeting or service and pay at the same time.

No need to send awkward invoice emails, chase down unpaid invoices, or worse, not get paid at all.

Keeps your personal time and work time separate
Meet only when you want to

BLAB knows what days and times you’re available and lets clients schedule appointments with you on their own.

Your personal time will never be interrupted again.

Your software beats out all the competition!

Easy and fast to set-up

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All the features you need!

Payment Integrations

Integrates with Stripe, Square and Paypal or get paid in cash. Sell Services, Digital & Physical Products

Calendar Integrations

Works with your Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar so you’re never double booked

Calendar Embed

Embed your calendar on other sites such as Wordpress, Squarespace & more!

Confirmation & Reminder Emails

Add up to 5 automatic email and/or SMS reminders and allow for easy cancellation & rescheduling

Unlimited Packages & Appointments

Build out as many as you need, even create custom ones and keep them hidden from your main page

Unlimited Bookings

We don’t limit how much business you can do and we don’t take a cut of your sales

Custom Form Builder

Ask the questions you want at the time of booking ie. What is your Skype ID?

Design Your Page

Custom header, footer, Video, Photo Gallery, Social Media Links, Profile Pic, FAQ’s, Testimonials and more! Make your page uniquely yours!

White Label

White label version available. Remove any BLAB branding from your page, embedded calendars and emails.

Group Bookings

Allow multiple customers to book the same time slot. Great for webinars, group training and all day events.


Offer percentage or fixed amount discount coupons to your clients, as well as limit usage and end date.

Custom Domain

Use your own domain or keep the free URL we give you.


Set buffer times between meetings, prevent last minute meetings, create secret event types, and more


Email Tickets, Help Center, and an active Facebook group make sure your questions are always answered

Tracking & Integrations

Add Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, AppSumo, Call Page and more!

Integrates With the Apps You are Already Using

We integrate seamlessly with the most popular services out there and are adding more on a monthly basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are way more than other scheduling apps give you, where they end is where we are just getting started. We give you a full web page that is focused on optimizing bookings and sales and allow you to manage your business from within your dashboard.
We have thousands of clients from around the world earning an income with Book Like A Boss. Therapists, coaches, tutors, students, photographers, designers, musicians & more!
Heck no! We don't charge for set-up, cancellation or any other type of fees.
We offer a 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee.
Heck no! You work hard for your money, you should keep it!

Book Meetings, Get Paid, Sell Your Products & Services... All From One Simple Tool

I'm thrilled with the BLAB platform!