Tips on How to Find Images Online

Tips on How to Find Images Online

In the past, the only way you would know if your images were being used illegally by someone else was if you came across them by chance. Now, there is reverse image searching to help you, but even that may need adjusting to find the places your image is being used. Here are a few tips on things you should do to find out is your images have been copied.

Use a Reverse Image Search Tool

You need to start off by using a reverse image search tool such as the one at This is completely free to use and allows you to either search the image itself or the URL for the image. It couldn’t be simpler to use and will let you search your image regardless of its type or size. Searching your original image will usually bring up ones that are not too different from the original and could mean that you find it being used and edited in places such as magazines, newspapers, and blogs.

Search for Used Images

If you have several versions of the image you are searching, using this search will show how other people have used it. Searching for used images will bring different results from searching the original image and may show versions that have been photoshopped or painted. It could be something simple like the colors of your original have been altered, but this search will find them for you if this has been done.

Search for Different Sizes

Searching for different sizes will give your reverse search engine tool a wider market to look at. The image you load for searching does not have to be high resolution, and by searching it in various sizes, the resolution will alter. This can achieve providing your toll with more options, so you will get more results from this way of searching.

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Search for a Rotated Image

If you rotate or even reverse your image, you could come up with completely different results. The search tools cannot do this for you, but you can simply do it on a platform such as Photoshop. People who want to steal your image may well rotate or reverse it so this search is well worthwhile.

Search for A Blurred Image

This is something else that will bring totally different results. Try blurring your image slightly before you reverse search, as this can be a very effective way of finding the people that are using your image without permission. This is because when the image is slightly blurred, the search tool will be looking for shapes and lines to compare it with and this will result in more images being shown.

Protect your Images

One things you can do protect your images from the start so that the theft of them becomes less likely. There are things you can do if someone steals your images, but if it’s really getting to you, remember that they have been stolen because someone else thinks they are good enough to take.

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