General Questions

Who can benefit from using Book Like A Boss?

We have created this software as a solution to hundreds of different types of services and is perfect for: Consultants, Therapists, Tutors, Landscapers, Health Professionals, Beauticians, Lawyers, Plumbers, Professional Mashed Potato Eaters and many more.


The list is endless!


What is Book Like A Boss?

We’re a SAAS (Software as a Service) startup that believes in having a good time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do!


We are solopreneurs and side-giggers (or side-hustlers if you are a @GaryVee fan, and we certainly are) that noticed a hole in the market place.


As solopreneurs, we were looking for a simple and all-inclusive software solution to run our business. We wanted a solution where we can take bookings for our products and services integrated with our calendars and take paypal and credit card payments from our clients.


We wanted an admin panel where we can see our schedules, to do lists, and customer list and be able to easily market to them. Oh.. and we did not want to pay a lot for this service!


We searched high and low for the perfect solution and it just did not exist. Sure you can use WordPress or Wix and build a website, but that could take many days or weeks to build and we wanted something that was simple enough for the growing seniorpreneur market. We wanted to spend our time taking care of our clients and running our business and not tweaking our website and trying to make it work.


Since the solution did not exist, 3 friends decided to join together and start a revolution to help our fellow entrepreneurs around the world!


Book Like A Boss is that revolution and we are just getting started. Join us on our Facebook Group to learn and help out other solopreneurs and to help shape our growing endeavor. If you need a feature that would help you run your business better, then please contact us! We would love to hear from you and at least 2 of the 3 founders don’t bite.

How does Book Like A Boss compare with other scheduling companies?

We have put a number of comparisons together for you to see all the pros and cons against the other ‘players’ in the market.
10to8 and Book Like A Boss
Acuity Scheduling and Book Like A Boss
Calendly and Book Like A Boss
Doodle and Book Like A Boss
ScheduleOnce and Book Like A Boss and Book Like A Boss
TimeTrade and Book Like A Boss
Wix Bookings and Book Like A Boss
WordPress and Book Like A Boss and Book Like A Boss


How do people search to find me on Book Like A Boss?

With this beta version of Book Like A Boss, we are providing you with everything you need to take bookings and manage your business. Marketing your page would be the same as you would market any website. Social media, email, adwords, etc.


You can also list your page in any print ads.


In the future we will be adding social aspects to the site which will help with receiving referrals and once we hit critical mass we have plans to bring visitors to a searchable database.


How can you help me make money?

We have an all-in-one solution that can get you up and running taking and getting paid for bookings for FREE in under 10 minutes!


How can I get started for FREE?

Simply sign up for a FREE trial on our Basic Boss plan, with no need to enter your credit card information. We believe that after you see how valuable our software is you will upgrade to one of our low-cost paid plans.

Pricing Questions

When do I get charged for my paid plan?

If you choose the monthly billing plan, your account will automatically be billed every 30 days. Please note: Our monthly payment cycle charges every 30 days, so payment won’t be taken out on the exact same date of each month.


If you choose the annual billing plan, you will be charged every year after your initial purchase.


What plan do I start with when I sign up?

As soon as you sign up you will be on a FREE trial on our “Basic Boss” plan with no commitment and no credit card required.

How do I upgrade to one of the paid plans?

In your admin you will see an “Upgrade” or “Change Plan” button. Just click on one of those and you will be using all of our features in no time!


How can I cancel my account?

After your session with your therapist, if you still want to cancel your account, from your admin click on the “Change Plan” button and select the “Basic Boss” plan. As soon as your current plan’s billing cycle is over is over you will no longer be charged and you will go back to the “Basic Boss” plan. If you are in the witness protection program and need to totally delete your site, then please send us an email to and we will remove your account from our system.

How To Questions

How to Integrate CallPage with Book Like A Boss

Here is a simple demo on how to integrate CallPage into your Book Like A Boss Page.



How can I sell a package of multiple bookings and have my clients book for each booking?

In this video we show you how to sell a package of bookings at one time and have your clients book you for each appointment.


Do you have any demos of your Dashboard or Booking Page in action?

Sure we do!


Your Beautiful Custom Booking Page:

  • Super-fast and SSL Secured Hosting in the Cloud
  • Optimized for phones and tablets
  • Sell Services as well as Digital & Physical products
  • Testimonials, FAQ’S, Video, Photos & More!



Dashboard: Manage your business from an easy-to-use Dashboard

  • Build Your Page
  • Create your calendars
  • View & Respond to Messages
  • Easier than Drag & Drop!



Do you have a general video to walk me through building my page?

Why yes we do!