Online appointment scheduling software. Clients schedule appointments, pay, and complete intake forms online 24/7.

All-in-one scheduling platform for you to take appointments, sell your services and manage your business.

Book Like a Boss and Acuity Scheduling are both powerful online scheduling platforms designed to help your service connect with clients and make bookings easier and more convenient. Acuity’s main unique feature is their intake forms that let you assess clients’ needs and collect their agreements to your terms and conditions. But how does this compare to Book Like A Boss’s all-inclusive, customizable site?

Booking Page

When it comes to profiles, Book Like A Boss is the only one that lets you upload a profile picture and bio. Acuity lets you upload a company logo and scheduling instructions, which may be fine for some services like therapy or private tutoring.

Only Book Like A Boss offers a  “Products and Services” section that lets your clients purchase directly from you.

Book Like a Boss’s sidebar lets you customize what information your clients have in front of them. Add your Skype ID, social media links, and phone number. Decide what you want your customers can see, and what they can’t. It’s your site so you can build it however you want!

Features Acuity Scheduling Book Like A Boss
Business logo
Profile photo
Cover (background) photo
Introductory paragraph
Calendar that customers can use to book appointments with you
“Services” section for selling your services
“Products” section for selling your products
Photo gallery
“FAQs” section
Sidebar you can use to show your Skype ID, address, working hours, website links, and more

Account Management

Both sites are comparable in terms of the integrations they offer, however, only Book Like A Boss has Zapier powered integrations built directly into their service. Book Like a Boss and Acuity also allow embeds to be exported for use in other websites. But one of the biggest advantages of going with Book Like A Boss is that we allow you to sell products, not just services. If you recommend any products or brands, or if you have your own, Book Like A Boss enables you to sell this right from your site and take payments as easily as bookings.

Acuity Scheduling Book Like A Boss
Calendar appointments
Account settings
Booking page design
Customer messages
Service orders
Product orders
App integrations
Embeds for other websites
Intake forms


Acuity and Book Like A Boss are both there to back you up when you need help. Acuity offers live webinars for a personal touch. Both sites support clients via email, training videos and Q&A forums. But only Book Like a Boss offers support via Facebook as well. If your services incorporate social media, this feature is essential for you.

Acuity Scheduling Book Like A Boss
Question/answer section
Video tutorials (step-by-step)
E-mail support
Facebook support
Live training webinars


Any way you cut it, Book Like A Boss offers you a better pricing package. Free plans are available with both platforms, but once you go beyond that you’re automatically saving over $70 per year! In addition to those savings, you get way more with our fully customizable software.

Plan Name Acuity Scheduling Book Like A Boss
Freebie / Free Boss
(Free account with basic features)
Emerging Entrepreneur / Basic Boss $15/month $9/month or $90/year
Growing Business / Small Boss $25/month $19/month or $190/year
Powerhouse Player / Big Boss $50/month $29/month or $290/year

The Stack-Up

So far, we’ve seen what Book Like A Boss has to offer that Acuity Scheduling doesn’t. But how do the two compare on their common features?


The Media Options

Acuity limits your logo to 1.5Mb. That’s a problem if you want to upload a picture of yourself as most pictures are at least double this size. So if you really are just using a logo, and if it’s a small file, then you’re probably OK. Book Like A Boss lets you upload a picture of your choice and formates your pictures into a symmetric and ideal. As long as the picture is greater than a 200×200 pixel square, Book Like A Boss can use it. In addition to that, Book Like A Boss lets you upload an entire picture gallery. Still not enough? Embed a YouTube video right into your profile.

App Integration

Both sites feature lots of app integrations. Both feature Zapier, giving you access to loads of the apps you need for your business. Book Like A Boss goes a step further, however, and builds app functionality directly into its features. For example, you can create a service package you’d like to sell on your page. You can set this to automatically create a Zoom meeting as soon as the booking is secured. Does your booking service just “connect” to other apps? Or does it actually integrate them like Book Like A Boss does?

The Bios

Either site will let you add a written portion with as many characters as you like. Acuity calls this section “Scheduling Instructions,” and that’s really what you should limit it to. Whatever you type in this field will appear above your calendar, pushing it further down the page the longer your introduction gets. While it’s certainly handy to have this much freedom, on a functional level you should keep it simple and concrete.
Book Like A Boss gives you multiple areas to add information. If the main section of your bio is getting too bulky, break it up by adding other information to your sidebar. You can control how your site looks, where the information goes and what you want your clients to see when they land on your page.


The Pros of Acuity Scheduling

You’ve got to hand it to Acuity, they have an impressive platform. But the main feature that stands out the most is their intake form integration. If you offer a service that relies on knowing your customer’s background extensively, this feature might be all you need. However, you’re paying a premium for it.

The Pros of Book Like A Boss

If you want to send that intake form out but prefer to build your own rather than rely on a pre-generated form, use Book Like A Boss’s messenger system to communicate directly with your clients. Send and receive anything you want and keep in all in one place because you can do it from our site. Book Like A Boss is a powerhouse. It is a website, a booking site, and an online store. It can function as whatever your service needs. Book Like A Boss will always be able to work for you because you design it. While offering a massive selection of unique features, it remains simple and easy to use with an intuitive interface for both you and your clients.

As you can see there are many advantages to using Book Like A Boss over Acuity Scheduling including a white label version (with Acuity, all e-mails are sent from no matter what) and a more feature rich solution.

We offer a 14 day free trial with all of our features included, so click the link below to get started now.