7 Things You Need in Your Scheduling App

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7 Things You Need in Your Scheduling App

Your business relies on bookings, so your booking app needs to enhance accessibility and communication with your clients. But wouldn’t it be better if it could offer you even more? You want your booking app to be an all-in-one, inclusive service. So what else could it possibly do? Could you pre-qualify clients to ensure a successful partnership? Are the features powerful enough to let you close deals even while you sleep? Don’t you wish there was a scheduling app service that provided an all-in-one solution? Here are the top 7 things you want from your booking app:

1) It should have the personal feel of a social media site. 

People buy from people. They want the personal touch of a profile page that’s built around your business. You want them to know about you as well: where you went to school and what your specialties are. You want to be able to share articles, upload videos, and create posts that will draw your clients back to your booking page. Create new updates and feature new information to keep them checking in. Once they’re on your page, they’re just a few clicks away from booking with you. 

2) Clients should be able to leave testimonials and reviews.

It’s not what you say about yourself, it’s about what your customers have to say. Word of mouth has always been one of the most reliable ways of getting new business. In the online world, customer testimonials are the word-of-mouth equivalents. On any given online shopping site, people search through the reviews to see what other customers liked, what they didn’t like, and what problems they had. Even if they aren’t our friends, they are real people and we trust them and their experiences. A booking site should include the same testimonial features as other online shopping experiences.

3) Any good site has an FAQ section. 

You know your clients’ top concerns because you’re a professional who has been in this business for a while. An FAQ section can address these common questions without you having to lift a finger. If your prospective client has to email you to ask a question and you take a day to reply, that is time they can use to search your competition’s sites. Your booking app needs to offer features that will keep visitors engaged with your site and do all of the selling for you, even while you sleep. 

4) Collect payment right in your app.

Why not just close the deal on the spot? If your app allows you to collect payments, you can get cash upfront from clients that are serious. Isn’t this something you and your customers need? Hoping to hold a certain slot is a source of anxiety for your clients. Let them see the best spots available and book when they are ready. A premier booking app would offer this feature to let your customers secure their appointment so they can move on with their busy lives.  

5) Accept coupons and offer promotional deals.

Offering bonuses and incentives can attract new clients when you have spots open on your calendar. Coupons and discount codes can help you track where your customers are coming from, but also convince the wallet-shy consumer to give your service a shot. Most importantly, you want a calendar that shows that you’ve got steady business; this is important to maintaining the appearance of a trustworthy and reputable service provider. A full schedule is virtually the same as a glowing testimonial. At the same time, however, you have to keep at least a few attractive spots open to bring in more clients. Offering deals on your least popular time slots will help you to keep your slots packed while keeping open some of the premium spots to attract new business. Your booking app should offer you the ability to accept coupons and promotions from your customers. 

6) Appointment reminders right to your email or phone. 

What good is a scheduling app if it doesn’t remind you and your clients of your appointment? What’s the point of booking a full calendar if there’s no easy way to check it on the go? A premier booking app will offer customizable reminders delivered to where you need them the most. 

7) It has to integrate with your personal calendar. 

A booking app must have a way to integrate with your personal calendar. Why keep a separate calendar for every app or program you have? You know which calendar you like the most; you’ve added it to your phone and it’s the one you use every day. Creating new events is a snap, and you are familiar with its layout. A top booking app will let you keep the calendar you know and love for everything else in your life. It will integrate automatically and push scheduling updates right to your desktop or phone. Seamless, simple, and worry-free.

Book Like a Boss™ offers all of these features and many more. Our forward-thinking service provides our customers with everything they want from their booking service with an interface that is as user-friendly as any social media app. It’s the scheduling platform for 2020 and beyond. Take your scheduling to the next level with our all-in-one booking service. 

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