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The Old Way

Overcomplicating Your Sales:
Endless back and forth emails to schedule a meeting. Then sending prospects a payment link, hoping they’ll pay on time (or chasing them to do it) and connecting everything together so nothing slips under your radar.

The BOSS Way

Share a Link, Get Paid:
Getting paid is dead simple. Send prospects a link to your BLAB page and bang! Money pours into your account while you sleep, watch a movie or work on anything else other than chasing invoices or manually tracking sales.

scheduling app

Start Getting Paid Bookings & Meetings in Minutes

Create your simple booking page and start taking meeting, paid bookings and selling digital products in less than 10 minutes.

  • Choose Your Page Name
  • Set Up Your Availability
  • List Your Products & Services
  • Connect With PayPal, Stripe and/or Square
  • Get Paid!
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sync your calendar

Syncs with the calendars you're already using

BLAB syncs with, your calendar app and works around your schedule. You’ll never worry about double booking or missing a meeting again.

Connects with:

  • Google Calendar
  • Apple iCloud
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Office 365
automatic reminders

Avoid late-shows & no-shows for good
With automatic reminders

When a client books with you, they'll get a series of notfications reminding them about the meeting with all the relevant details.

They can even cancel or reschedule right from the email, so you'll never have to worry about late shows or no shows.

Never chase down payment or invoices from clients Clients book & pay at the same time

If you charge for your time, your clients can book a meeting or service and pay at the same time.

No need to send awkward invoice emails, chase down unpaid invoices, or worse, not get paid at all.

Your software beats out all the competition!

Easy and fast to set-up

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Integrates With the Apps You are Already Using

We integrate seamlessly with the most popular services out there and are adding more on a monthly basis.

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Book Meetings, Get Paid, Sell Your Products & Services... All From One Simple Tool

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